Reviving the Forgotten Flavour of the Ottoman Kitchen

If you are tired of having the regular meal in your lunch and dinner and want to revive your taste buds with different types of cuisines from the Turkish world, New Star Family Restaurant should be your destination. It is a perfect place for reviving the forgotten flavour of the Ottoman kitchen. You can get all the different varieties of dishes like the traditional kebab, exclusive Ottoman cuisine to Pizza and soups. You are sure to fall in love with food again, and New Star Family Restaurant will become your favourite destination for experiencing ultimate happiness through delicious dishes.

What Makes New Star Family Restaurant So Special?

If you are from New South Wales or surrounding areas, you need to visit the restaurant once for its Middle Eastern cuisine, and it is certain that you will fall in love with the delicious dishes they have for you. There are certain items whose tastes and flavours are exactly what it used to be in the Turkish history. The restaurant looks and feels like you are somewhere in Istanbul among Turkish people enjoying some of the best dishes you can ever find. During weekends or special occasions, you need to take your family to a lunch or dinner, and it would surely be the best food experience ever for everyone. The fresh local ingredients are used to cook food by experienced Turkish people in the kitchen. They serve the best quality meat in Sydney, and almost all customers have left extremely positive reviews about the variety of the menu card and the vivid flavour and delicious taste of the Turkish dishes they ordered.  It has been awarded the Best Local Restaurant in Auburn area.


What Can You Find On The Menu?

You can visit our website to get access to the entire menu, and all the items are available at affordable prices for the family to rejoice. For the starters, they have complimentary Turkish bread. You can order mixed dips, soup or spicy Sarma. Doner kebab is a special attraction, and you can go for Doner Kebab plate for the lunch or Doner kebab roll or Iskender kebab plate for the evening meal. If you are looking for Ottoman cuisine, you got to taste the chicken and lamb kebabs which are available as a side dish as well as in roll form. The shish plate is extremely popular for lunch and dinner as there are mixed Shish plate, single chicken shish, single lamb shish, double chicken shish and Adana plate and double shish plate chicken and lamb. Adana kebab is a special Turkish cuisine you need to try out.

Among others, Kofte is extremely delicious, and it is available in roll form as well as a whole plate with rice, salad, and other fresh vegetables. Among the modern food items, you can find Falafel, Pide, Pizza, Chicken burgers, French fry, various other desserts.

If you are thinking of reviving the forgotten flavor of the Ottoman Kitchen, you need to visit the restaurant at the earliest and enjoy Middle Eastern cuisine with vivid flavours.