How to Make Your Kebab Tastier

Does the sound of a mouth-watering, juicy, and tasty kebab make your taste buds swing around the roof of your mouth? Sydney is a popular city in Australia; and New Star offers some of the best kebabs around!

Kebabs are for every type of occasion. We see people come in for “hangover feeds”, dinner dates, work lunches, birthdays, and many more. Why is this? Because here at New Star, we are a kebab restaurant in Sydney that is opened from 7am – 1am.

Have you ever wondered, “Hey, what makes a great kebab?”

In this blog post, we offer you some simple tips and recommendations to change it up and try something new!


Do you sometimes eat at a place and the dish tastes like it was prepared with rush and with ingredients that scream “NOT FRESH, NOT FRESH”? We know the pain… and this is not okay. Here at New Star Kebab Restaurant Sydney, all of our ingredients are fresh and prepared with love & care.


Ratios are the secret to life. Without the right balance, a chocolate brownie can taste too dry or too wet. The same balancing of ratios applies to the perfect kebab. Fortunately, the team here at New Star Kebab Restaurant Sydney know how to balance every ingredient so it doesn’t taste “too meaty” or “too veggie”.


The vegetarian options are excellent for all vegetarians because the tastes are immaculate. However, you don’t need to be a vegetarian to try it out! Falafel is just as tasty as beef or lamb or chicken.


Some of the best things in life come as a blend. Don’t be afraid to try mixing beef with lamb or mixing beef with falafel in a kebab. The world is your oyster; and this kebab can be your canvas to find your own unique taste.


This is a controversial territory. Some believe you should never add sauce to a kebab while others believe you should always add sauce; even 2 or more. We recommend the mouth-watering garlic sauce or hummus.


Our taste buds are strange. Many of us have made the mistake of eating a desert followed by dinner… not pleasant (hey, unless that’s your thing!). But a beautiful Turkish desert after a kebab is a no-brainer. Why not get a 4-piece baklava for $10?


Sure, taking notes seems to feel like a study-thing… who would ever want to take notes at dinner? Well, after you finish your food, we recommend to write what you liked and what you want to change for next time. This will eventually lead you to finding the “golden kebab”.


There we have it – 7 handy tips & recommendations on having a better kebab experience. Change is only bad if we perceive it that way. We encourage you to mix and match everything in your kebab to not only make a unique kebab – but to also find that perfect blend for you.