Google Restaurant Reviews

Why a Customer Should Leave a Google Review after a Meal

With the billowing aromas of grilled meats rising from our restaurant to a 4.5-star Google rating with almost 1200 reviews, we have become an institution in the city. While we have gained a strong presence and following in the Sydney culinary world with our award-winning Turkish cuisine, and we have been hailed as a local must try, every Google review helps us gain a wider online presence and greater reach. So, whether you are a long-time customer or a first timer, your reviews matter to us.

We live in the age of the internet- even the simple act of eating and reviewing a mouth-watering Doner kebab at your local Turkish restaurant can break the internet and make a business!

Here are four reasons why we’d love for you to review us:

  1. Your Testimonials Help Us Grow as a Business:

At New Star Kebab we put our customers at the heart of our business. Since Google is the first point of contact between our customers and us, your reviews matter to us. It’s about more than just gaining a good rating. It helps us understand what we could improve on, and what should remain the same, if not better. Thus, your reviews and suggestions will help improve customer service, food and other aspects of our business so that your next visit will be all the more pleasing. If you think our mouth-watering kebab needs a bit more kick, or you’d just want to let us know that we are the best Turkish joint in Sydney, leave a review. What you say matters!

  1. Quality and Quantity of Reviews both Matter:

At New Star Kebab, we serve every meal at the highest standard. We are certain that the quality of our service and delicious, authentic Turkish cuisines on the table will satisfy our patrons, but even the quantity of genuine and honest reviews is important to us for gaining visibility with new customers and tourists. Your reviews and ratings mean we gain more exposure and a greater online presence so our love of food and the passion and art behind it extends to more people.

  1. Spread the Love of Good Food to New Customers:

One recent study suggests that customer reviews are the most powerful influence these days. It is no wonder, since the amount of local businesses have grown exponentially! With so many options, everything seems to depend on the testimonials of others. This is why we need you – our loyal patrons – to spread the word around Australia (and the world) that New Star Kebab is the best when it comes to authentic Turkish cuisines at affordable prices.

  1. It’s Super Easy!

We have made it as easy as possible to review our restaurant. Whether you are super busy and just leave a rating, or whether you write a newspaper-column worthy review – it can all be done by simply going on Google, typing our name in and leaving a fantastic review! You can also review us on our website, our Facebook page and Trip Advisor.

So, if you really enjoyed that late-night halal snack pack or any of our exotic dishes from our extensive menu, spread the love! Give us a Google review, we would love to hear from you!