Fathers Day Ideas 2018'

What does a fathers really wan on the special occasion?

Father’s Day is fast approaching in Australia, and what better way to spoil your old man then a culinary trip through Turkey? Well, maybe not Turkey, but the next best thing on offer, right here in Sydney! So, if you have yet to line up something for dad, don’t fret. New Star Kebab Family Restaurant is an institution in a city famed for its multicultural cuisine which makes us the perfect spot to celebrate all the men in your life.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and we have perfected the right balance between comfort food and tongue tingling exoticism to make this Father’s Day a day (or late night) you won’t want to forget. So here are five reasons why New Star Kebab is the perfect spot to celebrate this special spring Sunday.

  1. Diverse Menu

Because of our focus on family and tradition, our menu ranges from the humble but famous Doner kebab to the exotic Iskender platter. We have burgers, pizzas and fries for the kids, vegetarian dishes such as our Falafel plate or roll and delectable desserts like the Baklava and Kunufe on offer. We have a dish for every age and taste bud, which makes it perfect for a day out with the whole family.  So, take your pick from our diverse menu, which you can find here. With such a comprehensive menu, this Father’s Day is sure to be a Turkish delight (see what we did there?).

  1. Delicious Meals, Great Value

Offering delicious meals with great value, we pride ourselves on making our food not only with an authentic Turkish flair but one that is accessible to everyone. You can get great filling meals that won’t skim on the quality and flavour at affordable prices. With the range of our menu, the skill of our chefs and the passion behind our institution, our restaurant will give you the best value for your money.

  1. Hassle-free Service

We know how busy restaurants in Sydney get on Father’s Day.  If you have yet to book something on the day, we are sure we can accommodate you in our restaurant. Open from 7am to 1 am and offering a huge number of seats and a quick service, we guarantee to provide lunch, dinner, or a late-night snack in a warm, family friendly setting that is perfect for a feast that will never disappoint.

  1. Fresh Ingredients, Mouth-Watering Meat - All Made Right in Front of You

We are famed for our ingredients – we select all our vegetables daily from local farms and farmer’s market, and our meat from sustainable farms and halal kebab meat manufactures. By dining with us you are also supporting the wider community of farmers and local businesses. In addition, we make our food within the customers views. So, in addition, to getting a waft of the delightful aroma of spices and marinated meats getting grilled right in front of you, you get the added bonus of giving back to the wider community.

  1. Bringing the Turkish Tradition Forward

This day is all about the father figure in your life, but also about the whole family and the bonds you share. Because of the focus on community and family togetherness in Turkish culture, our meals are meant to be shared around the table. We have a range of meals and platters such as dips with Turkish bread, Shish or Adana kebab platters and Pides that can be passed around the table, along with the love and affection that family ties carry.

So, skip the ties, suits and pretensions and take you father somewhere he'll really enjoy this Father’s Day - because honestly, who doesn’t love a kebab?