Another look at the Cuisine

Turkish cuisine for the best food experience

New Star Kebab is Turkish Family Restaurant where you can find all the Turkish flavors. Here you will find all the famous kebabs cooking on the charcoal which make you feel like you are in Istanbul. You can find wide range of different items like famous Ottoman dishes, traditional kebab varieties, pizzas, chicken burger, fish and chips and traditional Adana Kebabs, you will find your loved dish here for sure. New Star Kebab is the best Turkish family restaurant in Sydney.

You can find our food range on our website. We offer rich varieties of food like adana kebabs, gozleme, shish kebabs, snack packs, pide and traditional Turkish bread. After hour food facility is also available at our restaurants. You should enjoy your first amazing dinner here and also enjoy the services offered by us. People always find our food delicious. At our Turkish restaurant we keep all these things in mind and provide you the best food which is delicious and health friendly.

Turkish cuisine is known to be the best cuisine amongst the three famous cuisines in the world. Recipes are simple but you will find the best quality with no compromise in taste. We offer variety of tasty foods. Nomads the ancient Turks were mainly depend upon meat. Adana kebabs are mainly included in their food. In old days Turks cooked their food in underground oven operated with charcoal fire. But in these days the Turkish cook their food on stove top. Nomads were mainly agriculturists and mainly depend on dairy products. Due to this most of their dishes included yogurt and milk. Gozleme is known as the favorite dish of Turks right from old days.

Turk’s cuisine go through different changes over different time period. But Turks taken these changes as an alternative due to this there is no major change in taste from the ancient days. In ancient days Turks used butter but in this modern time they like to use olive oil. Sugar is replaced by honey in modern Turkish dishes. From the old days there are many such replacements in food ingredients. The mint leaves, onions and garlic only used for seasoning. According to current trend with some minor replacements they have maintained the ancient taste and quality. Turkish snacks are very popular all over the world. The exclusive snacks are very good in taste and quality. Dips are included in most of the snacks.

Turkish dips are very much famous in Sydney and there is a great craze for this among the people of Sydney. Turkish people usually pack the snack bags while going on a vacation or a weekend trip. Many restaurants and hotels are offering good quality snacks. You can also enjoy after hours food to have great taste. We offer the best services at our restaurant. After a great meal you will find what makes our kitchen so great. Turkish people are known to be very passionate about food which makes the Turkish cuisine the richest kitchen in the world.