A New-Star History: The Doner Kebab

We are launching a new mini-series… looking at the history of certain foods we can feed you here at New Star Kebabs! In this instalment, we will look at the history of the kebab and how it came to be one of our favourite dishes today – and around the world! But first, we need to look at what a kebab was origi....

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How to Make Your Kebab Tastier

Does the sound of a mouth-watering, juicy, and tasty kebab make your taste buds swing around the roof of your mouth? Sydney is a popular city in Australia; and New Star offers some of the best kebabs around!

Kebabs are for every type of occasion. We see people come in for “hangover feeds”, dinner dates, work lunches, bi....

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Point-for-Point Guide Every Tourist Needs For Their Sydney Food Excursion

One can’t say that they’ve fully experienced a new place without trying out what food they have to offer. It’s tradition and it’s an imperative part of the whole traveling scheme. More than that, you should remember that this is a need. There’s no guarantee you can survive and actually enjoy the whole duration of....

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