Reviving the Forgotten Flavour of the Ottoman Kitchen

If you are tired of having the regular meal in your lunch and dinner and want to revive your taste buds with different types of cuisines from the Turkish world, New Star Family Restaurant should be your destination. It is a perfect place for reviving the forgotten fla....

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After Hours Restaurant In Sydney

Drive away midnight cravings with top rated restaurant

In an eye catching city like Sydney, most people would feel excited to experience nightlife in Sydney as it is one of the most vibrant cities that supposedly never sleeps, but it can be surprisingly hard to get a good and quality meal after 10 o....

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Here's Why Pide Is The New Pizza

When we talk about Turkish cuisine, Pide (pronounced as pee-day) is one the most basic food. You can call them Turkish pizza since they resemble pizzas a lot. Pide is called flat bread since there’s a thin base, filling of your choice, and it is then folded over around the edges. The raw pide base is tossed in the air, filled, and slid ....

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